Hecate [heck-uh-tee, Ἑκάτη]: In Greek mythology, when Demeter traveled to the Underworld in search of her daughter Persephone, she was aided in her mission by the goddess Hecate. Wielding a torch in each hand, Hecate lit Demeter’s way through the darkness. This is how she became known as the goddess of crossroads.

Born in 2023 out of founder Eleni Demestihas’s passion for women’s hockey and desire for further player empowerment, our mission at Hecate Sports Group is to illuminate professional athletes’ paths as they navigate the business side of sports.

Our Mission:

-Ensure every athlete understands their contract. As the landscape of professional women’s hockey rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have a crystal-clear understanding of what’s being offered, what’s being negotiated, and what’s on the line.

-Provide individualized statistical analysis of on-ice talents. Knowledge is power and the data is out there. Let us help you utilize it.

-Personal branding. Who do you want to be? We’ll help you show the world what makes you amazing, both as a player and as a person.

About Eleni:

The summer before her senior year of college, Eleni took an LSAT prep course without any real direction. In 2017, shortly after she paid her seat deposit for law school, Team USA announced a boycott of the 2017 Women’s World Championships, scheduled to take place on home turf in Plymouth. After closely following the CBA negotiations and the team’s historic victory at the negotiation table, it was clear to her that she wanted to be the kind of lawyer who advocated for players’ rights.

Eleni has been a member of the Massachusetts bar and a practicing attorney since 2021. She has experience both as an employment litigator and in-house, where she has worked on the team side (in Major League Soccer) and in the technology industry. Her day job involves drafting, interpreting, and negotiating a variety of complex agreements, ranging from software agreements to real estate leases and human resources agreements. Her broad base of legal knowledge includes insurance, employment, technology, data privacy, real estate, and employee benefits.

Outside of her legal education, Eleni has been around women’s hockey, in some capacity or another, since the NWHL was founded in 2015. She spent three years working as a social media coordinator for The Ice Garden, a now-independent women’s hockey blog, and later covered the sport as a member of the media. She was Boston-based throughout law school and the beginning of her legal career, always to be found at a rink in her free time, watching and covering any level of women’s hockey played in the metro area.